Friday, 22 August 2014

日本大好き - My First Bento Box

 I always envy so much of the bento box you saw on Japanese drama where mum usually make for their kids at school or wife makes it for husband. And on my recent trip to Japan, I bought some bento making books and found it so interesting and tempted me so much into making a bento box. And here I use the most common bento box dish hamburger steak that I just made and some potato salad and other vegetable to make it look nice and delicious.

In Japanese Bento, there are lot of thought what and how to arrange the dish to present it nicely so it will not just delicious but an eye candy. I am not an expert in bento making but I really do enjoy making it which not just save money but also provide a balance diet.
Hopefully I will be able to try all the bento box idea in the book I bought which solve me what to bring for lunch problem.


2 Hamburger Steaks (Recipe Here)
A Scoop of Dill Potato Egg Salad (Recipe Here)
A cup of corn and tomato
1 cup of cooked rice
1) Arrange some lettuce on the bottom, and place the edge of the lettuce just a little higher than your bento box.

2) Put the Hamburger stead on the lettuce, so the juice won’t get into the other dish. (It actually makes it easier to clean later.)

3) Place the rice on the other side, or you may make it into any shape you want such as bunny or bear. 
4) Put the side dish, potato salad and corn & tomato salad in a silicon or paper cupcake cup. Place in the middle.

5) And Voila this is my first beginner version of bento box, it isn't too hard right? And a lot of the dish can be prepared beforehand. What you need to do is just cook it and arrange on the day.

P.S. Try to pack the Bento box as tide as possible so the food won;t move around and when you open it, it still look nicely PACKED. 

Bon Appetite. 

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