Thursday, 4 September 2014

Japan Trip Day 3 Tokyo, Tsukiji Market 築地市場, Gumdan, Odaiba お台場

After long overnight bus, we finally arrive in Tokyo at 6am in the morning. And it probably the best time to visit the Tsukiji Fish Market where you can have the freshest seafood breakfast. 
Except from seafood, the tamago (egg omelette) are pretty famous in Tsukiji market too. 
It was not surprised that all the popular shop has a massive line outside every day. I picked the shortest one to line up believing it was as good as the other. 
Since I had it before and it was pretty good last time but sadly this time it wasn’t as good as before. I ordered the tuna and sea urchin don, the tuna was pretty bad though and sea urchin was just alright. I was quite disappointed though. 
After that we go back to Tokyo Station and visited the character street, where you can find all you favourite character shop here and drop a lot of money. 
There even a shop just to sell Tamagotchi, what a childhood memory. 
Then we went to hostel for tonight to drop our luggage and cool down for a bit while it almost 38 degree outside. Relax at the hostel lounge and having a cold drink in such a hot day, it was just amazing. 
Then I separated with my friends who were off to do more shopping and I went to pay a visit to my old friend in Japan who just had a baby girl (Maysa) recently. 
We had lunch at the local restaurant and catch up for couples of hours as I promised her that I will visit her whenever I go Japan and I’m glad that even though we don’t see each other very often but there are no awkwardness between us. Maysa also behaved so well that she didn’t cry at all, even to a stranger like me. 
Later the night, I went to odaiba to visit the 1:1 Gumdam Figure just outside this new shopping mall Tokyo Diver City. To be honest the Gumdam was a bit smaller than I expected but still very cool, I strongly recommended to pay a visit when you in Tokyo. If you are not keen on it, inside the mall there are heaps of shopping for you. I was so happy there is a place that has all my favourite shops and I did again spend a lot of money in there. 

We finally had dinner after all the shop was closed. We just had dinner at the food court in the shopping mall, love the gyoza and okonomiyaki. 
By the time we get back to the hostel, it already passed 10. And me and my friend decide to explore the area for a little adventure and went to the 24 hours supermarket to have a look. 
We found really amazing stuff, I was so tempted to buy the tube butter. There are lot of amazing stuff in the supermarket such the frozen egg which I laughed for so long. 

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