Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Japan Trip Day 4 Tokyo, 浅草寺 Sensoji Temple, 合羽橋道具街, Tokyo SkyTree

This is second and the last day we in Tokyo. I was very excited when arrived Asakusa. It is not the first time I went to Asakusa and why am I so excited about it? The answer is I recently found out that about 10 minutes walk away from the famous Asakusa tourist spot - 浅草寺 Sensoji, there are a street full of kitchen appliance such as Baking Supply, Commercial Kitchen Supply and many other speciality store which sell specific product only like all kind of different drinking glasses. 

My first stop will have to be the baking supply. There are several shops and you may want to compare the price if you have set eyes on particular product, I realise the price can be quite vary if you are buying a lot. But I had made my order through online a while ago so I didn't buy as much. Well I did get the heart shape Bread mould, It seem pretty cute. 

You can find all size of pot and pan that you can think of here. I really want the mini pot it so cute and it in bronze. 

The Donut Maker seem pretty handy for Donut Lover.

There are shops just sell Sake glasses, I do took a set of Sake cup and bottle home and also a very pretty Sakura Shape sake glass. 

(Saw a very cute Piggy made from brushes) 

I spent an hours shopping and I have to leave before it do more damage to my wallet. After that We off to Tokyo Sky Tree to have lunch and escape from the heat. 

Tokyo Sky Tree has been one of my favourite place in Tokyo recently. Since I always stay around Minato and Chuo area, it easier to go Tokyo Sky Tree then to Shinjuku (which I start getting sick of it becoz of the amount of people and there are just too many department store, just not my cup of tea.)

Tokyo Sky Tree is the new broadcasting tower in Tokyo replacing the Tokyo Tower in 2012. Under the Sky Tree, there are Solamachi where has a lot of shops and popular restaurant such as 六厘舎 which serve Tsukeme. However the line is too long and we are too hungry to wait, so we went to the shop opposite which is also a very popular Tempura Shop 天ぷら 新宿 つな八

They provide 4 different flavour salt for Tempura which has pepper, Shiso, Wasabi and Rock salt.

We order Tendon天丼 which I think it was just ok, a bit disappoint so I recommended to order A la carte which might be more expansive but they are all freshly deep fried and only come one by one to make sure you can eat it at it freshest. 

After lunch, we walk around Solamachi and saw there are pop up store sell all these cute tiny store which in a package and you can put up like lego. 

The Calbee store sell freshly fried chips. I love the curry flavour the best. The Sky tree store is less people than the one in Harajuku and also relatively smaller. 

That was July when I visited Japan and it just the right season for peach. They are the best of the best and I have never taste peach with such a fine sweet delicate flavour. Inside the food market, there are store just sell juice and it pure juice. It not very cheap but it definitely worth every drop of it. 

And of cause the shopping time of Japanese snack is always on my list. It a full load of sweet and snack from 二木の菓子 東京ソラマチ店. They sell lot of variety at very cheap price, so if you don't have enough time to shop around for snack, that is the only store you need to go. The one at Tokyo Sky Tree is not as big as the one at Ueno.

And we finish our last day in Tokyo with Matcha Ice cream with Match. After that we need to rush back to Tokyo Station for another overnight bus back to Kansai. 

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